Clean Burn Boilers

The Clean Burn CB-200-CTB, CB-350-CTB and CB-500-CTB Coil Tube Boilers are engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn used oils and standard fuel oil for added versatility. Clean Burn boilers provide hot water while complying with CSA regulations for used oil recycling through heat recovery and have the required Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) numbers for each province.

The Clean Burn coil tube boiler design is unique in the industry because of its ease of access for maintenance and service.  It is designed and engineered for use as a single boiler unit or as part of a series of boilers working as a larger system. They are listed at 200,000 BTU/hr, 350,000 BTU/hr, and 500,000 BTU/hr respectively and are unsurpassed for robust engineering, construction and reliability.

Typical installations include car washes, truck service facilities, radiant floor heating, and other places where economical production of hot water is an operational benefit.