Frequently Asked Questions

How much used oil must I generate per year to substantiate buying a used oil furnace or boiler?

The minimum volume of available used oil needed during the winter months is 2,000 litres. This number is lower with a Clean Burn furnace because all of our furnaces have heat exchangers which make them more efficient. Competitors’ blast tube furnaces will require much more used oil in order to heat the same size area. You can also burn #2 fuel oil if you run short of used oil.

Are waste oil furnaces approved for use in Canada?

Yes – all Clean Burn furnaces and boilers have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada to meet CAN/CSA-B140 standard for used oil heating systems. Furnaces are installed according to CAN/CSA-B139 installation code and all our boilers have Canada Registration Numbers for each province. Permits may be required – check with your local DSi representative.

How much do they cost?

A good question that deserves more than a routine answer. Our DSi representative will gladly come to your facility and do a complete analysis to determine the best options and installation location to suit your needs. He will only then be able to give you the investment option best suited to meet your financial situation. This personal on-site approach is entirely different from a mail order company and more able to achieve the right fit, longest service life, and maximum return on investment in the industry.

What is the typical payback for a Clean Burn used oil furnace system?

The payback for any used oil furnace is based on the cost of energy, the average outside temperature in your area and how well your furnace operates. That is why at DSi we want to make sure your system is installed properly so it will pay for itself in 2 to 3 winters and then give you over a dozen years of FREE HEAT to follow.

How big of an area will each Clean Burn furnace heat?

Many mail order furnace companies like to use formulas to tell you “exactly” how many Btu’s you need to heat your building. At DSi we know that every building is different and every customer’s requirements are unique. Our DSi representative will come to your facility and assess your needs and recommend the right Clean Burn furnace for you.

Can I keep my storage tank outside and can I efficiently burn various viscosities of used crankcase or transmission oil in a Clean Burn furnace?

Yes to both questions. The heavy duty Clean Burn oil pump and burner are the key components in both cases. They allow you to store your used oil indoors or out, regardless of the temperature. The state-of-the-art Clean Burn burner and pumping systems are designed specifically to burn used oil and will compensate for the differing viscositiesl. Combined, you can store your oil where it’s out of the way, put the furnace where you need the heat, and do this all without having to constantly adjust your burner.

Can you duct the Clean Burn furnaces to get heat to different rooms?

Yes, all models (exception Saturn models) can be ducted. This means that Underwriters Laboratories have tested these models with their strict guidelines to ensure that proper air flow will take place without overheating, in ducting applications. Many competitors’ models although they have squirrel cage blowers, have never been approved to have ducting attached to their air discharges and therefore cannot be ducted legally.

Isn’t it more convenient and less troublesome for me to contract with a hauler to transport my used oil off-site?

No. That is one of the fallacies and inconsistencies waste haulers want you to believe. The haulers may pay about 20% of the real value of the used oil and make you feel like you’re getting a great deal. However, your federal “cradle to grave” liability extends to the hauling of the used oil because of your ownership of the property on which it is generated. You are jointly responsible for the costly cleanup of any spills during transport and are still forced to pay 100% of your heating bill.

Doesn’t a used oil furnace produce black, sooty smoke and pollute the air?

Absolutely not! Clean Burn furnaces meet all the regulatory requirements and are environmentally friendly. There is no black smoke or odor from a Clean Burn system. In fact, in June 2011 under President Obama, the US EPA just endorsed on-site recycling in used oil heating systems, by extending the blanket exemption for this method of recycling.

How often will I have to clean the ash from inside the furnace?

On average, Clean Burn furnaces need to be cleaned every 700 to 1000 hours of operation. This is a safe and easy procedure, which takes less than an hour to do.

Who do I call for installation, tech support, parts or service after I purchase a Clean Burn?

That’s a good question with an easy answer. At DSi, used oil heating systems is our business. Our factory trained installers and service personnel will give you the after-sale support which you require. Our tech support line and parts department will answer your questions and get you the parts you need. There is only one number you need to keep after you purchase a furnace from De-on Supply – 1-800-824-4115.

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