What Our Customers Say About Us


“We recycle all the used-oil for our heavy equipment. We’ve got more than 100 pieces of heavy equipment such as excavators, graders, loaders, trucks, dozers and stationary engines. Our company specializes in industrial construction and maintenance, road work, excavating and grading, and wrecking and demolition. We’ve got a fleet of large machines that require nearly constant oil changes and maintenance.”

“The Clean Burn boiler allows us to recycle almost 500 gallons of used-oil each month. We use the free heat generated as radiant air heating in the five-bay garage we operate.”

“The Clean Burn boiler is critical for our operations. It would be nearly impossible — and way too expensive — to safely ship the used motor oil to another facility. By recycling the used-oil on site, we’re able to reap the benefits with a warm shop space … which is important on days like today when it’s -40 degrees outside!”

Doug Saunders, Operations Manager
E. Gruben’s Transport Ltd.
Tuktoyaktuk, Canada

“Our Clean Burn boilers are true work horses. They provide the energy to heat water for our shop areas and provide ice melt applications. The boilers support our overall efforts to recycle used-oil while serving as an efficient and cost-effective way to heat our entire facility.”

Ken Cunningham, Owner
Big Foot & Company, Inc.
Alberta, Canada

“The Purdy Recycling Project has combined the synergy of a Clean Burn waste oil furnace with an oil filter crusher to efficiently heat our 36 x 70 facility. Our student-run industrial recycling program collects and crushes about one ton per month of oil filters, extracting 500-600 gallons of used oil annually plus additional used oil brought in for disposal by our customers.”

“To the best of our knowledge we are the only recycling facility in Missouri that accepts used oil filters and recycles them on the spot. We can do this because our student workers are volunteers working to earn money for club and community projects; we don’t have the overhead that other facilities have. Still, we believe that these oil filters, which in many cases are being landfilled, are an untapped resource that is worth processing for anyone who needs waste oil to heat a facility, especially when you evaluate the cost of fuel saved and the value of the scrap steel generated.”

“Our association with Clean Burn has been both successful and gratifying, at every level. We appreciate and endorse the quality of their products and even more so the kindness and skill of their service. We would be happy to show off our system to anyone who is interested in our experiences with Clean Burn, and we appreciate the opportunity to show our support for them.”

Gerry Wass, World Languages Instructor
Purdy Recycling Project Advisor